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Website Design Services

I offer website design and coding services on a contract or hourly basis. My skill set includes the entire Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP stack, as well as significant capacity in JavaScript and AJAX techniques. Job quotations are available via email for the asking; please describe your project in enough detail that I can make a fair estimate of the work involved. I am happy to discuss projects before quoting, so that we both know what we are getting into.

I construct all sorts of websites, from the simplest display-only site to complex interactive, database-driven sites. I am able to handle all stages of design, construction, and debugging, and am skilled not only in writing scripts to display web pages, but also in designing databases so that they support the functions of the website efficiently.

My designs are generally W3C-compliant, and produce nearly the same image on most modern browsers, in spite of the difficulty that exists today due to lack of standards in the browser market. I test every page using both Mozilla/Firefox and Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 for correct function, so that clients do not get rude surprises.

My current portfolio demonstrates the range of site styles that I am able to construct.

Further pontification on design topics is available here:

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